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Membership in the discussion board requires a valid and working email account.

#1 - If your email address is found to be no longer valid (or your mailbox is full), the account will be moved to the Email Invalid group where all viewing/posting rights are removed and PM ability restricted. All watched topics and forum subscriptions will be removed.

#2 - The account will be purged when the number of active posts = 0. NO EXCEPTIONS!

To restore the account to full membership (before the purge described in #2), do the following:

If your email address is no longer valid -
Note: Password recovery requires a valid and working email address and hence will not work.

(i) - Update your email address using Account Settings/email address. Account Settings can be found by clicking on your name.
Do not create another account. Note that the same email address restriction as defined in the Registration Procedure is in effect.


- Temporary or other similar web email addresses are not acceptable for new registrants or email address changes.



(ii) - Validate your email address as per the instructions sent to your new email address only once. Note: If you entered an incorrect address in step (i), no validation mail will be received. Write me an email using the correct email account for assistance.

(iii) - Once the validation has been completed successfully, PM me (using Messenger) requesting restoration of all privileges. This is a manual procedure. You will then be notified via PM reply when your account has had its full privileges restored.

If your mailbox is no longer full, complete (iii) only - ie send me an PM.

Thank you.

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