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Welcome to harnessdriver.com.

This website has been set up for the purpose of promoting the services of harness trainers and drivers in Ontario, Canada.

Each trainer/driver featured on our website has paid for the privilege of being profiled with the following: a photograph, a personalized interview, and current racing statistics. Each profiled horseman/woman has an email address ( listed in the Contact Info box ) so that he/she can be contacted easily regarding his/her services.

Prospective standardbred horse owners are encouraged to contact those profiled here regarding any questions they may have about training/driving services and/or questions about becoming involved as an owner. Our links page features a downloadable new owner's guide (courtesy of Standardbred Canada) in Adobe Acrobat format.

We hope that all harness racing fans will enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the backgrounds/careers of the trainers/drivers who are profiled on this site.

Harness racing fans and/or current horse owners who would like to ask any questions (of a racing nature) of the profiled trainer/drivers are encouraged to do so via email.

Finally, we have set up a harness racing discussion board on this site for anyone who would like to discuss issues related to the sport of harness racing. Registration is required.